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World's Largest Yard Sale!

This August, my Mom and I decided to go to the World's Largest Yard Sale! If you don't know about it, you can find some great info here! ( We traveled from Chicago and started our journey in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Based on the map, this seemed like a good starting point. The yard sale actually started much higher up, but we felt this was a good place to begin to maximize the number of places we were able to visit in a short amount of time, especially since we were coming from Illinois.

We wouldn't have been successful if we hadn't printed out the maps!

This is such a valuable tool, and we could really see where we wanted to stop and plan our driving and lodging based on where we thought we'd be!

We started in Fort Wayne because we only had a limited amount of time, and we felt a bunch of the stops were right below where we started. This is a long journey, so be prepared with snacks!! We started later in the afternoon, so we would be early-birds the next day. The first leg of the trip was 191 miles, and we did it in 4.25 hours! These are screenshots of my google maps trip that show what route we took and where we stopped for the night.

This was our main drag! Over 6.5 hours on a 264-mile stretch. You can see all the stops we made- the brown dots are little flea markets or thrift shops, where we got food and gas, and where we ended up staying for the night. We avoided Cincinnati because there was still a lot of political unrest going on, and we wanted to avoid that traffic and any possible conflicts. I would say I found my best stuff on this strip. Not going to lie, it is really garage sale stuff and not a whole ton of vintage, so if you go with low expectations, you might find a treasure! This is undoubtedly no Brimfield, but I still made out well! A majority of the items were rusty tools and items from closeout stores, but there were some good jewelry and crafts! Here is a link with a lot of the major stops!

We ended up driving back up 127 the next day to hit a few other places but did pretty well around Frankfort. We got all the way down to Kentucky! I think next time, I'd like to do a little farther down and make it to the Nashville area. There was probably better vintage that way, but I still had a fantastic time! Some of the things I found are below, with a bunch already sold! The total time we spend in the car is too much to count, but the memories are priceless.

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