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At this point in the year, almost everyone has been affected by some way, shape, or form by Covid-19. Currently, the antique mall where I work has been closed since mid-March. We hope to open at the end of the month, but that is left to be seen.

One of my favorite thrift stores that I have found countless treasures has a large note that says 'Permanently Closed". It's heartbreaking because I've become friends with the managers and employees, and knowing that they are out of a job, AND I've lost my favorite thrift spot (on my way home, I might add) is just the worst feeling.

At first, I tried to stay positive and urge people to redo their booths, just like I was doing, but it's hard to "get all dressed up with nowhere to go" and put your treasures in a place that no one will be able to see them.

The upside is that I've gotten some good online orders! I'd urge people to push hard for listing more things online if you're a dealer, and if you're a treasure hunter, support the little guys by ordering off eBay, Etsy, and more. We can get through this together, one step at a time!


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