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Tuesday Thrifts

I stopped by a thrift store on my lunch break and I got some amazing finds! I didn't have much time so I only checked the jewelry and housewares sections, but I think you'll see I did fabulous!

Here's a breakdown of what I got and what I think I can retail it for!

Glazed Clay Head: Retail $75

Newer Jukebox Tin: Retail $20

Zuni Sterling Butterfly: Retail $48

Native American Bird Pin: Retail $35

Calvin Bengay Earrings: Retail $110

Artisan Pin: Retail $22

Total potential profit: $310

I get my values from a variety of different resources- what they sold for over the years, Worthpoint archives, and what they are currently listed for today. Some of it is based off just my knowledge from over the years- but once you learn more about a subject, you'll be able to pick out the real sellers versus the duds!

I'm most excited about the Calvin Bengay earrings! They're beautiful.

Now since I didn't have much time all I checked for was something on the back of the pieces. I knew that the earrings were signed and marked sterling, and I could see an etched signature on the other two native american pieces. The pin I just bought because it looked artisan and 3D. When In doubt, a signature is always a good thing to fall back on!

I can't wait to list some of these in my shop or feature them in my booth!

Check my Etsy page for updates!

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