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About Me
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After my mom got married in 1987, she embraced her new married name, “Bell”. She used to tell me that she wanted to open a store called “Bells & Whistles” and sell wedding veils and handmade bridal items, but it was always just an idea.


On Mother’s Day of 2015, I told my mom that I wanted to open an online vintage store and call it “Bells & Whistles”. For the past 5 years I have worked at three different antique stores, both full and part time, and really developed a passion for antiques & vintage. I have almost 300 sales on Etsy, and may more from Ebay, Chairish, and local sales. While it may not be bridal pieces, I’d like to think that they are still cherished in someone’s home and bring them joy.


Currently I work full time at my families fencing business in Chicago, and run a booth at the Forest Park Emporium (#93!). I still maintain my online stores, and every chance I get I go hunting for new treasures for both my store and myself!

As of 2020, I launched 'Next Stop Thrift Shop'. I hope to turn this new website into a tool for anyone looking into thrifting and vintage reselling, as well as just where to find great treasures for their homes. Bells & Whistles will stay my online store, but I will write articles under 'Next Stop Thrift Shop' to try and have a seperate, yet connected entity. I look forward to what this year will bring!


-Jennifer Bell

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